“A Day to Pause” Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat

Saturday, June 27th from 9am until 4pm

With our busy lives and numerous responsibilities, it is important to pause, reflect, refuel and celebrate in the richness of life.This retreat will provide a place to do just that. Please join us for this “day to pause”.

The retreat will include meditation instruction and practice and teachings on mindfulness and how to incorporate it into our lives. Through experiential mindfulness practices, we will explore nature and the outdoors, movement and our own strength and wisdom.

Please bring a sack lunch, we will be eating outdoors under the shade of a giant tree. Coffee, tea, muffins and snacks will be provided.

Devon Finnegan of Mindfulness for Humanity has been practicing Hakomi Therapy (mindfulness based psychotherapy) for 15 years. She was the founder of a meditation center in Albuquerque and served as director for 10 years. She is currently working with healthcare professionals, teaching mindfulness and meditation to support their well being and help them to offer a high quality of care to their patients. She also works with people who have chronic and/or terminal illnesses. Devon feels passionate about teaching people how to work with their minds in order to relieve stress, cope with difficulties, experience the beauty in life and give us a vehicle in which we can truly connect with ourselves and others.

Cost: $75 for the day/ $65 if you register & payment is received on or before June 16th. Location: Mindfulness for Humanity Retreat Center: 501 Calle del Pajarito NW, Los Ranchos, NM

To register, please call devon at 890-1464 or email devon@mindfulnessforhumanity.com


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