Mindful Leadership with Project ECHO

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of leading a day long retreat for the executive staff of Project ECHO. It was a day of insight, connection, mindfulness, meditation and BIG View. I was inspired by the ECHO team as they openly shared their wish to serve others and make excellent medical care available to all of those in need on a global level.

Mindful Leadership was explored in depth through discussion, meditation, experiential exercises and mindfulness practices. The wisdom and integrity of the group was ever present.

Thank you to all who were present and to all of the other staff at Project ECHO for your incredible work, inspiration and generosity.

“Thank you Devon! It was so wonderful to spend the day together as a team. You helped us to clarify and reconfirm our values, think through our strengths and challenges, and learn to care for ourselves through mindfulness and meditation.” Miriam Komaromy, Associate Director, Project ECHO

Launched in 2003, the ECHO model™ makes specialized medical knowledge accessible wherever it is needed to save and improve people’s lives. By putting local clinicians together with specialist teams at academic medical centers in weekly virtual clinics or teleECHO™ clinics, Project ECHO shares knowledge and expands treatment capacity. The result: better care for more people.


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