Last Weekend We Took a “Day to Pause”

Last Saturday the retreat space at Mindfulness for Humanity was filled with people eager to learn more about mindfulness and meditation. Everyone came to attend the one day retreat entitled “A Day to Pause”.

It was a great day of learning, discovering and pausing. We worked with our minds through sitting and walking meditation and engaged in mindfulness through experiencing our surroundings, nature and ourselves.

I so enjoyed teaching this group and loved the group dynamics of openness, respect and humor. My heartfelt thank you to all who attended. It was a beautiful and enriching experience!                    ~~~devon~~~

“Devon is such a caring and attentive teacher.  She was very present for each of the participants, really tuned in and gave each of us thoughtful and caring words.  She did such a nice job of teaching us, giving us space and time to practice, and then helping us really figure out how to bring practice into our lives.  Thank you Devon for a beautiful day!”   ~Julie Rosen~

“What a nourishing, re-centering retreat day!  Devon led our diverse group through simple and meaningful activities to explore meditation and mindfulness at many levels.  Her presence is compassionate, wise, and friendly all at the same time– which created a safe space for us to openly share experiences and learn from each other.  I so enjoyed the good company, and I come away with new tools and inspiration to engage my life with intention.  I look forward to returning to the beautiful meeting space and outdoor garden too!  I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of this retreat to pause and remember what’s important.”   ~Melanie Weidner~

“Devon, the day flew by! I felt safe and right being there.” ~Jo Carter Yount~


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