To teach is to have an exchange that is inspiring and thought provoking. It taps into the innate wisdom, intelligence and diversity of everyone present. It brings forward a myriad of experiences that collectively enrich our lives.

My approach to teaching is to tailor make classes and retreats specifically for the group I am speaking to. As human beings we all have a common thread of decency and striving to do the best we can with what we have in any given situation. At the same time, groups of parents, healthcare workers, chronically ill, teachers, kids, people in physical pain etc. have some recurring challenges that are specific to their life experience. No two classes are the same and while specific material is covered, there is room for on the spot conversation and dialogue.

I teach meditation as a vehicle into mindfulness. Meditation is a practice of working with our minds in a gentle way and strengthening our ability to place our minds in the present moment when we choose to do so. Through meditation we can discover a lot about ourselves, celebrate who we are, consider changing things that no longer work for us and begin to experience things more authentically. Meditation is completely accessible to everyone and does not need to take huge amounts of time. You don’t have to be a spiritual or religious person to meditate or you could be, it doesn’t matter. The only prerequisite for meditating is that you have a mind.

The format of classes and retreats that I teach typically include talks, experiential exercises, dialogue, meditation and movement. They always include humor and a lot of heart!

Ultimately, my goal in teaching is to offer something that helps us pause, feel our strength and tenderness and increase our awareness of ourselves and others. If we can do this, our world will be kinder, our work more meaningful, our relationships stronger, and our children more courageous.



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