Mindfulness and awareness of our surroundings and experiences are crucial to our well being. Learning how our individual systems process information, identifying and giving space to our whole experience without judging it, and being gentle with ourselves are keys to experiencing contentment and joy.

Hakomi Therapy combines the Eastern traditions of mindfulness and compassion with a unique highly effective Western methodology. It is a form of counseling based on the precept that we all have innate wisdom and goodness. Hakomi provides a non-judgmental and nourishing environment for healing, clarity and change.

I trained at the Hakomi Somatics Institute in Boulder, Colorado in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma Recovery with Practicum. I am also a graduate of a two year program at the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, trained in the prescribed course of study of the principles, theory and technique of Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy. At the conclusion of this program I became Certified as a Hakomi Therapist. This training, combined with mindfulness practices and life’s teachings, creates an approach to counseling that is relaxed, nourishing and effective.

I work with individuals and couples. For more information, or to schedule a free phone consultation, you can contact me at (505) 890-1464


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