Staff Retreat for Small Steps Counseling Center

It was an incredible day!

At  9am a parade of people arrived at my house (retreat center) carrying trays of veggies, fruits, cookies, cupcakes and a big pot of strong coffee! One smiling face after another with “Good mornings” and “I love this place!” After a little wandering around the outdoor space and a little coffee consumption we began the retreat.

I had been asked by Courtney Lewis, the Founder and Director of Small Steps to lead the annual staff retreat for 20 plus counselors and administrators. The retreat was a mixture of mindfulness and meditation practices, boundary work, exploring personal strengths and challenges and how they bridge together, as well as rejuvenation and celebration.

This group of people was an absolute delight to work with. There is a cohesiveness and respect within the group that is rare and quite beautiful. Everyone participated fully and there was no shortage of tears and laughter.

Thank you to all who attended this retreat. I feel honored to have had the experience!

“The space you provide, the home you invite us into, and the warmth of your guidance really allowed for our group to find mindfulness, rejuvenation and joy with one another.” Leandra Lomosad, LMHC

“When I showed up to Devon’s workshop, my energy was low. I felt zapped.After the day, I’m leaving with joy, lighthearted renewed focus on being present. Much Gratitude”, Cathann Dragone, MA, LPCC 

“Both Grounding and Inspiring….Truly allowed me to recognize my own contributions and my colleagues contributions.”, Meg

“Inspirational, fun, heartfelt, time for reflection and showing appreciation. Thank you”, Katie Riley, Admin.

“This workshop exceeded my expectations. Insight mixed with gentle validation. Love delight in the moment” Cheryl Monks, MA, LPCC, RPT

“Devon has created a lovely and intimate space to reflect and learn. Thank you Devon!”, Julie Pierce, Admin.

“The retreat was more than expected…wonderful experience to help ground myself, be mindful of the present moment , allowing me to have insight.” Cheryl Benedetto

“Devon provided an amazing healing and nurturing space. Her heart was so open to our group and we felt so cared for.” Courtney Lewis, Small Steps Clinical Director


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