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February 28 at 10:04 am: Interview on Tune in Radio/ All Business Media

I have been invited to do an 8 minute segment on this International Broadcast. It will air in North America, Europe, Australia and South Africa. I will be speaking about mindfulness based psychotherapy as well as providing counseling and meditation training internationally via live streaming. The population I am working with in this capacity are those with life threatening illnesses and their primary caregivers that prohibit them from leaving their homes.

Listen to it live by clicking on or


December 16, 2017:  Staff Retreat for the staff of UNM Student Veterans Mindfulness Retreat

I had the pleasure of working with this dedicated group for a second time. As their retreat flourishes and grows, new opportunities and challenges arise. Through meditation, contemplation, silence, discussion and mindfulness practices, the participants gained a deeper sense of clarity and path. New inspiration was discovered and put into motion.

June/July/August/September 2017

During this time, I dedicated my energies towards my Hakomi Therapy Practice and research and development on new ways to serve our community through mindfulness and meditation near and far.

February/March 2017: Mindfulness/Meditation/Activities Training for the leaders of the  UNM Student Veteran’s Retreat

Preparing the leaders of this retreat as they set out to  explore and teach mindfulness, camaraderie, and appreciation of nature, to assist veterans in the difficult transition from military to civilian life.

February 20, 2017: UNM School of Medicine “Transitions”

Experiential Training bringing confidence and wisdom for transitioning 4th year medical students.

April 17, 2017: UNM School of Medicine “Transitions”

Experiential Training bringing confidence and wisdom for transitioning 4th year medical students.




November 28, 2016: UNM School of Medicine 

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for 4th year medical students

October 31, 2016: UNM School of Medicine 

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for 4th year medical students

October 3, 2016: UNM School of Medicine 

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices for 4th year medical students

September 6, 2016: UNM School of Medicine “Boundaries and Values”

Combining mindfulness practices with the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy, we will explore the importance of personal values and boundaries pertinent to practicing medicine.

April 14th, 2016 Small Steps Child Counseling: “We Care”

I look forward to meeting with counselors, administrators and support staff to offer mindfulness and meditation practice and instruction. The focus of this session will be to bring nourishment and pause to all present.

October 5th, 2015 UNM Medical School “Physician Wellness”

Engaging morning working with 4th year medical students, discussing ways to incorporate mindfulness into their medical practice.

September 19: Retreat on “Self-Compassion” 

This past weekend, a group of people came together to explore unconditional kindness towards ones self. The day was rich with courage, authenticity, vulnerability and empowerment. It was an honor to witness the hearts and minds of all who attended. –devon-

A few words from participants:

” Devon, Thanks for embodying, the strong back and open heart.”

“This retreat was a wonderful gift.”

“Devon, thank you for a day of cleansing tears, practical tools, and pure acceptance.”

August 26, 2015: Retreat/ Mindful Leadership for Project ECHO Executive Team

I had the pleasure of leading a day long retreat for the executive staff of Project ECHO. It was a day of insight, connection, mindfulness, meditation and BIG View. I was inspired by the ECHO team as they openly shared their wish to serve others and make excellent medical care available to all of those in need on a global level.

Thank you to all who were present and to all of the other staff at Project ECHO for your incredible work, inspiration and generosity.

“Thank you Devon! It was so wonderful to spend the day together as a team. You helped us to clarify and reconfirm our values, think through our strengths and challenges, and learn to care for ourselves through mindfulness and meditation.” Miriam Komaromy, Associate Director, Project ECHO

September 8, 2015: UNM Medical School “Wellness and Beyond for Phase III Medical Students”

I was honored to have been invited to teach mindfulness and meditation to UNM medical students. This class focused on maintaining wellness of physicians during phase III in medical school as well as during internships.

We worked with experiential exercises and discussions on identifying ones own challenges to well being and how to recognize and tend to them.

June 27, 2015: One Day Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat “A Day to Pause”

I so enjoyed teaching this group and loved the group dynamics of openness, respect and humor. My heartfelt thank you to all who attended. It was a beautiful and enriching experience!                    ~~~devon~~~

Words from participants:

“Devon is such a caring and attentive teacher.  She was very present for each of the participants, really tuned in and gave each of us thoughtful and caring words.  She did such a nice job of teaching us, giving us space and time to practice, and then helping us really figure out how to bring practice into our lives.  Thank you Devon for a beautiful day!”   ~Julie Rosen~

“What a nourishing, re-centering retreat day!  Devon led our diverse group through simple and meaningful activities to explore meditation and mindfulness at many levels.  Her presence is compassionate, wise, and friendly all at the same time– which created a safe space for us to openly share experiences and learn from each other.  I so enjoyed the good company, and I come away with new tools and inspiration to engage my life with intention.  I look forward to returning to the beautiful meeting space and outdoor garden too!  I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of this retreat to pause and remember what’s important.”   ~Melanie Weidner~

“Devon, the day flew by! I felt safe and right being there.” ~Jo Carter Yount~

Comments from a student and the School Counselor:

“Your talk today was very interesting and inspiring.The mindfulness exercises we did were very fun, and we learned helpful techniques to be mindful and aware in the world.You make me want to work with the same kinds of people as you do.”  -Student at Alvarado-

” On Monday April 20th, Ms. Devon Finnegan, parent to a 5th grader at our school kept fifty 5th graders mesmerized by sharing with them her own story leading to her present career as a Mindfulness Teacher/Counselor. Devon very skillfully walked the students through activities that familiarized the students with a Mindful state of mind and being, teaching them a few skills that will help them stay in “the here and now” and mindful of the present. These included mindful breathing, imagery and exercise in tasting a grape mindfuly as way to get the most out of the experience of chewing on a grape. Devon was able to keep the students engaged and attentive. I am confident they all walked away with looking at chewing a grape in a whole new way…..”

“Thanks Devon for your time and sharing your story and wisdom.”

 Behjat Shirazi MA, LPCC

April 7, 2015:  I was a guest speaker at a support group for patients and their loved ones who are living with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or Corticobasal Degeneration. PSP and CBD are neurodegenerative brain diseases causing a myriad of physical challenges for those who have the disease and emotional challenges for all involved. I will be leading a discussion and teaching Mindfulness techniques to help with the stress and worry that comes with serious health problems.

Words from the Group Founder:

“Devon Finnegan is an inspirational person and teacher.  I am a support group facilitator in the Albuquerque area for patients and loved ones living with neurodegenerative diseases. We were lucky enough to have Devon present to our group and guide us through some mindfulness exercises. Her soothing and serene manner created a safe environment in which we could express our fears and discuss our struggles. We are traveling a difficult road and Devon helped us focus on our awareness and what we have today, rather than dwell on what may happen in the future.  She is truly a gifted teacher and we were all very grateful for the time we spent with her.”   -Roxi Padrid-

Fall of 2014: Project ECHO founded by Sanjeev Arora, MD and affiliated with the University of New Mexico, makes medical knowledge accessible to rural communities through virtual clinics and teleECHO clinics. What an honor it was to teach this 6 week on site course to healthcare practitioners and staff. About 20 people attended live, while small groups of practitioners from around New Mexico joined us via live stream video. Project ECHO has a wonderful staff and they were an absolute pleasure to work with.

During the 6 week course entitled “Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Patients”, I taught on a variety of topics. These topics included meditation, stress reduction, mindfulness techniques for clinicians to use with patients, clinicians working with their own emotional triggers in the workplace, and developing an ongoing meditation practice.

Words from a class participant,
“I have so much (positive) I want to say about the mindfulness class this morning. I think it is great that you all decided to bring this in. I have a strong belief that, this is what healthcare is.”  Clinic Nurse Practitioner

When I don’t teach on site, I teach from my home, which is a beautiful retreat space. Nestled on a half acre in the Village of Los Ranchos, the adobe abode and it’s outdoor gardens and walking meditation paths are a perfect setting for mindfulness and meditation programs and classes. There is a large room with natural light and wood floors that can comfortably seat 35 people for teachings. The common area, full kitchen and outdoor space is filled with little areas to sit, relax, contemplate and socialize.


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  1. Elena says:

    I go to Alvarado Elementary and the talk was very interesting and inspiring! The mindfulness exercises were very fun and helpful. You make me want to work with the same kinds of people as you do.


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