About Me

I became interested in mindfulness and meditation very early on when I was a child. I spent hours sitting on the beach contemplating life, working with my mind and taking in my world. Experiencing the benefits of slowing down in the moment, I was able to navigate through tumultuous times and life’s challenges. I was also able to fully and vividly experience joy, connection, and contentment.

Ever since I can remember, it has been a passion of mine to work with people and bring a sense of ease and warmth to those who cross my path. I began working when I was just 11 years old and held my first job for 6 years! I worked with disabled children and adults in an after school program and knew I was on the path I was meant to be on. Since then, I have worked closely with autistic children and adults, children with severe emotional challenges, juvenile offenders, people with quadriplegia, people with serious illnesses and people who are dying, caretakers of chronically ill people, healthcare practitioners, educators, individuals and couples working with the challenges of everyday life, and the list goes on. Bottom line, I have a great respect and love for people.

Academic Background: I attended the National Holistic Institute In Emeryville, California in 1992 and became a licensed massage therapist and health educator. In 2000, I attended the Hakomi Somatics Institute in Boulder, Colorado and studied Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Physical and Emotional Trauma. In 2002 I graduated from a 2 year program at the Hakomi Institute, also in Boulder, Colorado and became a Certified Hakomi Practitioner (mindfulness based counseling). In 2004 I attended a Professional Training Program on the Compassionate Care of the Dying at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM. Also in 2004, I founded a meditation center in Albuquerque, NM and was the Director for 10 years. The Center held numerous programs on Mindfulness and Meditation.

Currently, I teach mindfulness and meditation to individuals and groups both inside and outside of the work environment. I teach classes, lead retreats, and offer consulting. I also have a private practice in Hakomi Therapy (mindfulness based counseling) working with individuals and couples.

Personally, I have been blessed to be both a parent to my child and a caregiver to someone else close to my heart. I meditate and contemplate regularly. I find life to be a fluid, dynamic experience. It’s ever changing and unpredictable, providing ample opportunities to challenge myself to live in the moment with an open mind and open heart. I don’t want to miss a second of this precious life!



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