The education of our youth defines our future.

Once our children are of school age, they spend more waking time with their teachers than anyone else. I can’t think of a better reason to care for our teachers and offer support for everything they aspire to do. The climate in education has changed over the last several years and requires educators to do a lot more than “teach”. Our educators are under huge pressures to perform, meet administrative requirements, teach our children, manage family concerns and create a nurturing environment in which to prepare our children for their futures.

Bringing mindfulness into the school environment can benefit teachers, school staff and students. It creates awareness and appreciation for what is taking place, even in the midst of a very demanding schedule. Teaching students how to pause, just for a moment is a tool they can take with them and use during their lives. Showing kids the simplicity of working with their minds is often a big “aha” and very exciting for them.

Through Mindfulness Training teachers can tend to their own well being. They can also teach their students, how to be present with what is happening right now, have their full experience without self judgement, slow down enough to think before they speak, and notice how others are feeling and respond accordingly.  When we put all of this together our school communities become healthier and more vibrant. Offering this support keeps our skilled and dedicated teachers inspired and passionate about their careers, and it creates the environment that enables our children to wholeheartedly and intelligently go after their dreams.


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