Welcome to Mindfulness for Humanity: Teaching, Counseling and Consulting

Mindfulness is simply having awareness while residing in the present moment as it is.

Mission Statement:

“Being in our world with awareness and intention is the key to connecting, achieving, relating and having a sense of well- being. In working with individuals and groups, I strive to help people have the courage to be present in each moment, experiencing fully the joys, heartbreaks, and triumphs of life. In doing this, we can better understand and accept our humanity and be kinder to ourselves and others. This will make way for a more  gentle world for all of us and those we touch, as we continue along our paths.”

We live in a fast paced, goal oriented world that seems to be getting faster right before our eyes. With the increase of technology and the capacity to produce going to whole new levels, it’s easy to find ourselves feeling our humanness and experiencing stress, anxiety and sometimes overwhelm trying to keep up with our many tasks both personal and professional.

Our minds are naturally quite brilliant. They get us where we are going, create ideas and plans, help us accomplish tremendous amounts of work, make us laugh, help us connect, and navigate our world. Our minds also cause us worry, fear, hope and regret. Where our minds are, directly impacts our experience.

There are ways to work with our minds, strengthen them, get familiar with them and ultimately count on them to bring us back to the present moment. Most of our stress stems from what we are thinking about, rather than what is actually happening right now.

Working with our minds can be rewarding, insightful and life changing. Through Mindfulness Techniques and Meditation we can begin to live in our world with  more ease, more spaciousness and a sense of peace.

If you are so inspired, browse these pages and get a feel for the opportunities available to strengthen your mind and enrich your life.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Kris Gonzalez says:

    What a beautiful web page and words, Devon. You need to open a branch in Kansas City!
    You will be a great guide for so many.


  2. Sylvie Stevenson says:

    Congratulations on your venture, Devon. May it go well! and may people continue to be touched by your warmth, intuition, generosity and positive inspiration!


  3. Miriam Komaromy says:

    Beautiful website. Devon! It
    Was so great to have you teach mindfulness to our group at Project ECHO. Many months later I still hear staff talking about using mindfulness and stress reduction techniques they learned from you. Please let us know when you will be offering retreats and more classes.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bill Gonzalez Jr. says:

    Wow. What a beautiful site my cousin. So much inspiration and positivity. Something this world can really use more of. So glad to reconnect with you. Only the very best to you on your venture.


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